Dynatrace Service Level Agreement

The Dynatrace community is your first and fastest resource to receive advice, guidance and answers to your questions or problems. Self-service startup can reduce or even eliminate the wait time required by a support technician for tracking. Access to the Dynatrace customer portal is possible under www.dynatrace.com/services-support/. Below are some features of the Dynatrace Customer Portal: HTTP monitors are fully integrated into Dynatrace and give you an extra level of transparency for your applications and services. Dynatrace automatically detects the execution of an HTTP monitor for a service already monitored by OneAgent and links them together. With a single click, you can drill down to the service that is filtered by the HTTP monitor as required. Because Dynatrace Managed operates in a customer`s data center, the customer must provide the necessary hardware, including the operating system, according to the Dynatrace Managed: www.dynatrace.com/support/help/setup-and-configuration/dynatrace-managed/installation/dynatrace-managed-hardware-and-system-requirements/ offering. The Dynatrace Mission Control team monitors the quality of service and hardware usage of Dynatrace Managed and notifies if additional hardware is needed to monitor a customer`s environments. The Dynatrace Mission Control team can also optimize the configuration of Dynatrace Managed to ensure the best quality of service and the best use of the equipment provided. All configuration changes are recorded in the full audit. The Dynatrace Support team is made up of technical experts who will help you optimize your Dynatrace solutions.

Dynatrace Technical Support Engineers are experts who offer troubleshooting of Dynatrace software and subscription services. The support team manages and resolves your technical issues related to the product or aggravates problems if necessary for engineering and product management. Graphical response time of services divided by Hostgoup Dynatrace offers its customers two levels of support: Standard and Premium. Standard support is available for customers who currently have their maintenance extensions and SaaS subscriptions. The following table provides an overview of the two levels of support. With synthetic HTTP monitors, you can now cover all endpoints that don`t make frontend directly available. These can be APIs used by your mobile applications or health checkpoints provided by Microservices. HTTP monitors are lightweight and are great for monitoring coverage for anything provided via HTTP/S. In reality, you don`t have 6 minutes, in fact you have less than 6 seconds before you lose your customer. As a company in a social, always-on world, your end result depends on meeting or exceeding each customer`s expectations, and if (or more likely if) you come across a hiccup, proactive problem management is your best chance of retaining that customer and getting their business back. Customers are experienced, they realize that no business is perfect, but they expect a high level of responsiveness and attention for their unique experience – no flat-rate apology posted on a state blog they would never have seen.

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