Sheldon Roommate Agreement

The big joke about The Big Bang Theory is that Sheldon can be crazy – that his brilliance is overshadowed only by his “weirdness,” and that his friends must constantly find ways to handle all the bonkers Sheldon asks of the people around him. The one who really does is of course his roommate leonard. He has to deal with Sheldon`s demands on a daily basis, as they live together (until the end of the series, of course) and Sheldon (as Sheldon) makes him sign a very complicated “Roommate Agreement”. Good news for Leonard, then… Courts tend to invalidate contracts in this unilateral way. From a legal point of view, we say that the content of the treaty is unacceptable. In other words, the terms of the agreement are so unfair that they insult consciences. Beyond the unfair conditions, a treaty is unacceptable if: here are 10 rules of the Sheldon roommate agreement that everyone should follow: we are not really in favour of timing showers or something so extreme (although Sheldon may not agree), but making sure that the roommates are aware of the use of the bathroom and the use of hot water is actually reasonable enough. A quick check of the rents available on Zillow tells me that throughout Pasadena, CA, there are only four two-room units for less than $2000 a month. It`s a fairly narrow (and more expensive) market, and if Sheldon had known, he could use the reality of the rental market to get Leonard to rent with him, because Leonard`s other rental options were slim.

Leonard would have no choice but to sign the roommate contract, even if he did not want to. What if there was a heat wave? What if there was a fresher spell? The requirement of the thermostat to stay at a certain temperature – and not to give the roommate a say at this temperature – is the control… and potentially uncomfortable. “If Sheldon turns into a zombie, Leonard can`t kill him.” It`s right there in the roommates agreement, but this one makes absolutely no sense. Even if you ignore the fact that a zombie apocalypse isn`t really very likely, not to let Leonard kill Sheldon Zombie, he essentially condemns Leonard to become a zombie himself – which is just a terrible wait for every roommate! These other scenarios are not valid, but I think Leonard has a strong argument that the agreement is so unfavourable to him that it is a real burden. Most clauses require Leonard to do something or not stop, and Sheldon doesn`t have much to do to meet all the requests of leonards. Take a second, because that may sound like one of the least reasonable rules of the agreement, but it is Sheldon that we are talking about here. According to Section 9 “If one of the roommates invents time travel, the first stop must be targeted exactly five seconds after the signing of this clause of the roommate contract.” Which seems like a ridiculous thing, but if someone is going to discover the time travel, he will probably be Sheldon, and if he does, he would hold 100% to the roommate agreement. If there`s nothing else, it`s a fun way to start a conversation about borders when you live together, and it`s never bad.

It goes on like this, and so on. Look, I give them this: the roommate deal is funny and was a reliable source of comedy, but is it legally valid? The issue was actually raised in the show; In Season 4, Leonard Priya placed Koothrapali, a lawyer and sister of his friend Raj.

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