India China Border Agreement 2005

That China ignores our strategic and reasonable interests along the border. It has increased its military strength in Tibet – a territory it occupied in 1959 – and is building a China-Pakistan economic corridor in our region, which is illegally occupied by Pakistan. China has no objection to acting against Indian interests, but if China violates international standards, it wants no country to oppose it because it is contrary to Chinese interests. In the South China Sea, it has not only rejected the verdict of the Court of Arbitration, but continues to build artificial islands there. Recently, it has hinted at plans to build artificial islands, including the Scarborough Shoal, which it illegally ripped off from the Philippines. Dai Bingguo, former special representative for border talks with India, said in an interview with the Chinese magazine China-India Dialogue: “The controversial area in the eastern sector of the Sino-Indian border, including Tawang, is inalienable by Tibet in terms of cultural origin and administrative justice. The main reason why the border issue persists is that China`s reasonable requirements have not been met [in the east]. If the Indian side deals with China`s concerns in the eastern part of its border, the Chinese side will respond accordingly and raise India`s concerns elsewhere. He added that even the British had accepted that Tawang should be part of China. This is a blatant lie, since Tawang is 37 kilometres south of mcMahon Line. Chinese double conversations are well known.

They don`t hesitate to change their doorposts whenever they find it comfortable. India should deal with Chinese attempts to engage in forced diplomacy to put pressure on India. First, India should also make It clear to China that our acceptance of Tibet as An autonomous region of China depends on China`s granting of genuine autonomy in the region. However, since Tibetans are exposed to atrocities and their autonomy is denied, India is forced to rethink its approach to Tibet. Reciprocity must be the central idea of India`s response to Chinese demands on the status of Tibet.

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