Uptown Rentals Lease Agreement

As an investor, you know that the first step is to find the perfect property. If it`s time for you to buy a home in Austin, we are able to take advantage of our long-standing relationships to find out on and off the real estate market that are most likely to offer a healthy return. In addition, we are ready to introduce local lenders, inspectors, contractors and others to help streamline the process. Of course, buying a property can be the simplest step. Once the papers are signed, we work to attract the right tenants, ensure that your property is presented and represented professionally, lease projects, and take all other property management concerns from your plate, including the use of our house maintenance team. I signed the lease, I`ve never seen a copy before. I obviously didn`t read it well enough when I came in to sign. I have asked them several times to send me a copy of my lease since I signed it, and I only received it today. Many of these companies hire leasing agents every two months and they have no idea what they are doing. Be sure to verify that you agree in the lease itself. If not, degenerate into an administrator.

How can you sign a rental agreement without ever getting a copy? Go to your leasing office and tell them you want a copy of your lease. Maybe they didn`t send you because they lost it. A few months ago, I made the wrong decision to move to an Uptown Rental apartment near the UC campus. The rent was a bit high, and it cost $250 to get a parking space, but I was willing to handle it for a little walk to work. Then they told me that, although it was announced as available on August 1, I wouldn`t be able to move in until August 15 (if I paid an extra $250, I could move in on August 8th!). I wasn`t alerted until I signed the lease. I was also able to rework it. Why would any of you want to contract when it`s so bad? Fuck that. I am sorry that you exist, but it is up to you to read what you sign and insist that they give you a copy. My landlord passed me my lease and gave me a copy at the time. Any serious owner will do the same. Either your monthly rent should already reflect this change, or it should be a section on height.

Who knows what they invented, but I`ve never heard of anyone doing it like that. Most landlords would object, because it shortens the lease and makes the property zero in terms of rent. Russell Cavin helped me find the perfect place here in Austin, when the market was very high for rents. He was always in easy contact with and was very well known about the area. It couldn`t have been better! Now that August is coming, I have to pay for half the month I live there. I call to make sure I pay the right amount, and I am told that I owe the full monthly payment for the two weeks I live there. Apparently, it is in the rental contract that I signed, which, in practice, I never sent a copy of, although I have asked twice to send it to me in the last two months. They say they have the “pro-assessed” rent, so I would make the same 12 payments for the 11 months and 5 months I would live there. (What`s funny is usually pro-rating is on a monthly basis, not an annual one). I have never been told that, and I obviously did not see it in my lease. I guess it`s in your lease that you can`t sublet. And you`d be completely on the hook for damage to the place when they move.

I find it very interesting that they do not give you a copy of your lease, it should not take long before they do. My experience with Uptown Realty was excellent. Max Smirnoff is still on the verge. He has helped me sign two leases in the last two years, and my loyalty remains with him. He showed us several places I liked, and he respected my schedule. I can`t wait to see him.

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