Would The Established Labor Agreement Apply To This Case Study

Questions 1. What is a mandatory trading topic? 2. Can a union waive its right to bargain on a matter of mandatory bargaining? 3. Would the established employment contract apply to this case study? 4. Does management`s refusal to negotiate the use of surveillance cameras in the workplace violate the duty to bargain in good faith under the Labour and Management Relations Act (MRA), as amended? If so, what should be the appropriate remedy? 5. Discuss the merits of the parties` respective positions in this case. In the cut flower industries in Kenya and Uganda, sexual harassment of workers has decreased significantly. This case study is an example of a collective agreement in the cut flower sector in Uganda. It is a bottom-up trade union organisation and shows that this required the support of national trade unions, women`s organisations and an employers` organisation, as well as the support of the government. Workers and managers have recognized that sexual harassment of women at work and on the way to work is common. Farm management, local and international NGOs (UWEA and Women Working Worldwide) and trade unions have put in place mechanisms to reduce sexual harassment, including the implementation of a sexual harassment policy.

This was present or ongoing at eight of the nine farms where the researchers were interviewed. 2. A trade union may waive its right to negotiate a compulsory subject matter of negotiation if it concludes an agreement with the. In Uganda, the 2010 collective agreement and broader advocacy by national and international unions and NGOs focused on the priorities of women workers in the Ugandan cut flower industry. The ABC was negotiated between the Uganda Flower Exporters Association (UFEA) and the two national unions representing floriculture workers (UHAWU and NUPAWU). The CBA applies to all workers, including non-unionized workers. It consists of two separate agreements. Phase I includes the Terms of Use, which are negotiated every two years. Phase II includes wages and salaries that are negotiated annually (UFEA and UHAWU 2011). The Department of Gender Equality, Labour and Social Development participated in the CBA discussions. The Government provides farms with condoms for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. The answer provides you with a structured explanation of the classification of negotiations.

It also gives you the relevant references. Flowers and cuttings believe that freedom of association and awareness of their rights have improved since 2007. The union has been well regarded by workers, especially those on flower farms, where conditions have improved more dramatically as part of the CBA. Farms have set up a mix of management-led and worker/union-led complaint mechanisms. The workers drew management`s attention to the fact that the structure of the agricultural administration, which gave superiors excessive power over production workers, contributed to sexual harassment in the workplace. This has led to changes in management structures and a reduction in the discretion of superiors. .

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