Sample Horse Adoption Agreement

GL: Yes. We track all adoptions after 30 and 60 days after a horse leaves. This is usually a follow-up call to make sure everything is going well and see if they need resources to succeed. Learn how an innovative stable leasing program offers new adopters a place to ride their horses and preserve the sense of community they`ve built with like-minded horse lovers. ASPCApro: What advice would you give to other equestrian organizations to establish an adoption contract? Learn six steps to create a horse adoption academy and breed your own adopted horses. And/or contractors like animal transporters, veterinarians or dog guides who may at any time be under the care and control of the horse I adopt. If the horse at any time suffers any form of abuse or negligence on the part of the buyer or a subsequent owner, ferrier authorized by a veterinarian or an officer of the Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch Inc. law can confirm this. reserves the right to retrieve the horse immediately and without further notice. I currently own a horse/Burro. Me.

ASPCApro: What is the philosophy behind your adoption process? GL: What are your long- and short-term goals with your horse? This helps us understand and see how realistic an adopter is. Learn best practices for using social media to promote horse adoptions from the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. Creating an adoption contract that protects the animal – and doesn`t stop people from adopting – is a crucial step in finding more homes for horses. Learn more about the Hoof It Home Grant winners and their innovative programs to move horses from areas of the country where they are in low demand, find out how one agency managed to make horse enthusiasts in its community quality users – and how to do the same. Garrett Leonard: We think we can learn more about a potential adoption by talking to him than by reading what he writes in an app. That is why, even before arriving at the contract, we ask potential users a number of questions to find out what type of horse they are looking for and we ask that they take three lessons in our establishment with the horse they are interested in. ASPCApro: Do you follow adopters after the adoption ends? During the lessons, we can really meet the adopter and see how he or she relates to the horse. Anyone can lie about an application or a contract, but the truth comes out naturally if you work side by side with them and a horse. If at any time during the matchmaking process, employees or adoption have reservations about the lawsuit, the process is stopped. For example, a family wanted to adopt two of our horses, and they started classes with the trainers and were ready to continue the adoptions.

They said their short-term goals were to go trail running four to five times a week. After telling them more about their lives, their work and their long-term commitments, they realized that they did not have time for the horses. They withheld information, not to be fraudulent, but because they were excited. By asking for their goals, we were able to jam their commitment after the excitement subsided. The adoption contract allows us to receive in writing the obligation that an adopter undertakes vis-à-vis the horse. We are of the opinion that it should be reasonable and cannot be pages and pages of and no. . GL: Don`t complicate things. Do it well for both the organization and the user.

The more complicated your contract, the less likely people are to adopt. Learn more about ASPCA`s inclusion of the Right Horse Initiative in our list of life-saving programs.

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