Nazca Paris Agreement

10 Fiona Harvey, Paris Climate Change Agreement: The World`s Greatest Diplomatic Success, Guardian (14 December 2015), The Non-State Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) is an online portal hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It focuses on the measures taken by cities, businesses, investors and regions – non-state actors – to address climate change. Showing non-state climate ambitions gives impetus to climate negotiations and gives confidence to governments to sign ambitious agreements during the Paris climate negotiations (COP 21). 51 Z.B Anne-Marie Slaughter, The Paris Approach to Global Governance, Project Syndicate (28 December 2015), 57 Daniel Bodansky, Legal Options for U.S. Adoption of a new climate agreement 14 (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, May 2015) in 188 Paris Pledge for Action, on (last visited march 15, 2016). 92 Victor, David G.

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