Medical Agreement Form

one. Definitions.As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set out below: a. All records regarding customers and patients treated with CMP in accordance with this Agreement are the property of HCF and remain the property of HCF. CMP is committed to complying with and complying with all federal, state and local privacy and disclosure laws regarding all information and records that CMP has received or verified in connection with the provision of services to clients and patients with HCF.b. CMP acknowledges that during the term of this Agreement, CMP may have access to or familiarity with HCF`s protected information and confidential information, including, but not limited to, medical records and medical history, patient-identifiable information, and other information that is not known to the public or HCF`s competitors (“Confidential Information”). CMP agrees to ensure the confidentiality of all confidential information at all times, even after the term of this Agreement. Upon request, CMP shall provide the CCF with information attesting that CMP complies with applicable legislation and/or the confidential information security guidelines implemented by HCF.c. CMP also undertakes to implement all business association agreements or other similar agreements that may be required by the Health and Accountability Act (HIPC). This section also applies after the termination of this Agreement. To the extent permitted by law and if CMP is considered a counterparty, CMP shall exempt the HCF and the freelance clinician from any liabilities, claims, claims, injuries, losses, expenses and damages of any kind, shall keep them harmless and non-sible resulting exclusively from misrepresentation, material breach or non-performance of any obligation on the part of the CMP under this Agreement. a. CMP is an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner or joint venture with HCF or Freelance Clinician. HCF determines the services to be provided by CMP, but CMP determines the means by which it provides the services in accordance with this Agreement.

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