Humber River Hospital Collective Agreement

In all cases, the objective is to enter into force the agreement envisaged by the parties, this intention being reflected in the terms of the agreement they have concluded. The professionals at the hospital with OPSEU Local 590 at Humber River Regional Hospital have received an arbitration award that provides for a new collective agreement. (e) The above provisions shall be maintained for the duration of their term of office. Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may terminate the agreement in writing within sixty (sixty) calendar days, the date on which the local/president returns to its original unit. The three-year agreement applies from 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2014. Significant increases are lump sum payments for the first two years and an interterritorial salary increase of 2.75% in the third year of the contract. The new contract also provides early retirement benefits for employees aged 57 to 65, increases in shift bonuses and a slight improvement in visual performance. The general rule of interpretation of collective agreements is the same as for commercial contracts and statutes: the words used must be given their simple and ordinary meaning, unless the structure of the provision or collective agreement as a whole indicates that a different or particular meaning is envisaged. All words must be full of meaning and it is assumed that different words have different meanings, unless this leads to an absurd result or incompatible with the overall scheme and structure of the agreement.

b) However, the chair of the bargaining unit must remain on the hospital`s salary list in order to maintain continuity of coverage with the benefits and pension rights currently in force. (f) The employer shall make available a total of up to six (6) days per month, remunerated for the local board of directors or its delegates. E.2 (a) The chair of the bargaining unit is fully on leave, the annual salary of that leave being maintained by the hospital. . . .

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