Walkie Talkie Rental Agreement

Inoperable equipment. KC Wireless, Inc.`s equipment is available for inspection and verification at the time of rental. KC Wireless, Inc. must be notified for 24 hours if the devices do not work. Unless informed, KC Wireless, Inc. will consider all devices to be leased, regardless of their actual condition. Please return inoperable devices immediately to KC Wireless, Inc. for analysis. KC Wireless, Inc.

will make reasonable efforts to repair or replace the device in no time. For more information on how BearCom can help you save time, money and resources, you now receive a quick rental offer! 6.1 The landlord will terminate the rent immediately and without notice if the tenant authorizes violations in paragraph 4.3. If the rent is terminated by the landlord, the tenant is required to pay the remaining tenancy period at the agreed rate as well as the legal costs incurred when the appliance is recovered. 6.2 Without prejudice to another right or remedy, the landlord may terminate the contract immediately by notifying the landlord in writing if the tenant has not paid a fee or has fulfilled other obligations and must recover the device. The landlord reserves the right to immediately recover all appliances without notice if the tenant goes into administration/liquidation/bankruptcy and, as such, the tenant should undoubtedly release all the owner`s equipment upon request.6.3 The landlord may, at his discretion, charge interest on the outstanding credit accounts of at least 30 days above the base rate. All expenses incurred by the collection of debt by a third party or the recovery of our goods are also passed on to the pending account.6.4 All communications to be provided in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement are considered sufficient if such communications are forwarded by prepaid late shipment. address to the tenant at his last known address and, in the case of the landlord, to the seat.6.5 The tenant releases the landlord in its entirety and makes it available (including all senior managers, Owner employees, consultants and subcontractors) against losses, damages, costs or costs directly or indirectly attributable to the tenant`s negligence or omission regarding the use of the device and/or the deliberate use of the device by the tenant.6.6 Notwithstanding any other member of this agreement, nothing in this agreement closes or limits liability for fraud or negligent death or injury.

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