Restricted Stock Repurchase Agreement

2.3.3. In the event of a voluntary or involuntary termination of the purchaser`s employment or advice with the company or any of its current or future subsidiaries, related companies, successors or beneficiaries of the assignment as a public servant, director, employee or advisor (“services”) for any reason (including death or disability), with or without reason, the company has, with or without reason , for or without reason (as reasonably determined by the Company`s Board of Directors), have an irrevocable option to repurchase (“buyback option”) of shares that have not yet been released from the repurchase option (the “unpublished shares”) at the initial purchase price per share covered in Section 1 (the “feed-in price”). The company may, at any time, exercise its option to repurchase one or all of the unsecharged shares within 90 days of the termination of the purchaser`s services. “restricted portfolio,” common shares that are subject to standard transfer restrictions for shares of private companies and which repurchase or expire on the basis of a clearing plan. Vesting is usually over a four-year period (with an optional one-year stumbling block, i.e. the first vesting takes place after 12 months) and is conditional on the shareholder maintaining his relationship with the company as an employee or officer. 2.4.4. Purchase price. The purchase price (“purchase price”) for the shares repurchased under this Section 5 is the price offered. If the proposed price contains consideration other than cash, the House sets in good faith the value of the consideration not related to the means of payment. If you use limited shares in capital structure or employee compensation, you become familiar with Section 83 of the IRC. FOR RECEIved I, _______________hiermit to sell, sell and transfer shares of the common stock of [Inc., listed on my behalf in the books of that company represented by the No.

This separate assignment of the certificate can only be used in accordance with the Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement between [and the delivery contract signed with the word ` ` Investors also require limited shares to ensure that the founders do not leave. Founders are one of the main components in which investors invest their funds.

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