Sale Of Database Agreement

As always, the purchaser should perform appropriate diligence and request copies of the information provided to the individuals concerned, copies of agreements with third parties if these agreements are to be maintained, or copies of complaints and details of their treatment.  In addition to the quality and availability of timely data, the most important factor for a database holder is consistency, especially when the database owner uses the data within value-added services. If the owner of the database has written a specific software. B to receive the data, turn it into a certain layout (for example. B, create diagrams or diagrams from numerical data), and then have it “located” in a particular part of the database that provides a particular service, perhaps a particular subscriber sector, that can only access that specific part of the database, and then any changes made by the data provider to the method. B delivery (for example, transfer/download/data stream, which cannot be read by software) or format (for example. B instead of being provided with a specific digital layout providing graphical data) requires the database owner to adapt each software used during processing. This results not only in additional costs to the database owner, but also in delays in the availability of this data and, in fact, the service in which it must be integrated for subscribers. Therefore, any changes proposed by the data provider must be communicated to the database owner in a timely manner to allow the owner of the database to modify or adapt its software or data processing method. When reviewing the sale and purchase of a database, it is important to check whether the data contained in it falls within the scope of data protection legislation and, if so, whether it complies with it. Any savvy buyer will be insured by incorporating guarantees into the sales contract. Copyright is another important factor. The data is often proprietary in nature.

When it is presented in a database, users and subscribers should be aware that it is copyrighted and to whom it belongs.

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