Dynamics Ax Trade Agreements Find Next

New Zealand —————————— Original Message: Sent: 03-06-2015 17:56 From: Tom Wolf Topic: Trade Agreement We are implementing trade agreements and trying to determine best practices. Do companies tend to put in place trade agreements by party number or credit point? —————————— Tom Wolf Cost Accountant Phoenix Products Co. Milwaukee WI —————————— I tested it in depth, and without going into more detail, the system applies a mixture of both behaviors when you try to set up the same trading agreement of book lines (price or discount) with and without the option Continue. We will understand the logic at the end, but I urge you to treat it with care. This is a better option to set up all your trade agreements with or without the search for the next one activated. When implementing the new trade agreement process, I think it`s important to decide whether you`re using the feature to “change selected lines,” essentially using lines in an existing commercial contract. change and change bookings, or if you want to create new entclosures with each price change. and if you want to turn on or off the “Keep looking” feature. The trade agreements in Dynamics AX 2012 allow for the introduction of prices and rebates for products, lenders and debtors (or product groups, lenders and debtors). Trade agreements can be concluded in different ways and with different results. In a previous article, I showed how a price is set up for an item applied to a group of creditors. In this article, you can create a discount in Dynamics AX 2012 for an item valid for a group of creditors. Trade agreements are managed through the implementation of price/discount agreements.

My company has just started implementing AX, and from the discussions we have had with our team, it seems that the commercial agreements are established at the supplier level. I am pleased to give you more details as we move forward with our implementation. —————————— Keith Woznica Gaffney Kroese Somerset NJ —————————— From what I have learned, the price logic of the call centre sales order is similar to that of the POS sales order. If you create a POS market, the Next Search box is not taken into account when calculating the sale price of trade agreements. If you want to use the next search box in the call center order, you may need to optimize it with the code. In a previous article, I have an overview of line discounts. Depending on your business requirements, you can have interest discounts, z.B. based on a standard discount, and then quantity levels to encourage the customer to buy more.

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