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In addition, Article 1 of the Luxembourg Law provides that only members of certain professions can perform domicile functions for a company. Behold: Home number – This is a unique code received from the bank that identifies the home agreement between you, your customer and the bank. The contract contains details on the frequency of payments, bank account numbers and amounts. When you send your payments to the bank, the bank uses the home number to identify all the parties involved. A home is a financial agreement between you and your customers that allows you to automatically collect payments for debtor bills via a preferred bank account. Domiciles can only be processed for domestic customers with national bank accounts. Ties in foreign currencies or with foreign banks are not supported. Creatrust is a means of domicile under the law of May 31, 1999 that governs the domicile of the company. the dominance of a Luxembourg investment company or other collective investment body, with the legal form of a commercial company with a collective investment management company; The home of a company in Luxembourg at the same address as a natural person who is a partner with a significant influence on the management of the company; Thanks to the extensive international network of subsidiaries worldwide, meeco`s domicile services are not limited by Swiss boarders. By providing photovoltaic technologies in very different markets and countries across Europe and even around the world, meeco has managed to create several local subsidiaries and subsidiaries and has experience in creating and managing local businesses and operating them in different laws and cultural conditions. In retrospect to this long-standing competitive balance sheet, meeco makes available to its clients, for example.B. Swiss holdings interested in setting up a local company in another foreign country in Europe, or even around the world. Home of a company with a company belonging to the same group.

Domicile is defined as the provision of services by a third party, linked to the creation of a statutory headquarters by a company in Luxembourg. This type of third party is considered a means of home to the company. In addition to the provisions of the Luxembourg law on home, home agents must also respect in particular: Preferred bank account – The preferred bank account is offered as a standard bank account on all home proposals for this customer. If necessary, you can change the bank account before booking home suggestions. For more information, see Create Proposals for Diciliation. Vistra offers corporate governance, management and compliance, from investment and acquisition structures to direct real estate companies. Our management, home and administrative services, including accounting, tax and legal compliance, and comprehensive secretarial services, remove bargains to a well-managed and attractive fund or portfolio – all on an easy-to-use, account-wide technology portal. Debit residence is useful for businesses with many customers or subscribers, for example. B for a utility company or a publishing house.

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