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The collective policy of artists (ACP) is almost exactly the same as the festival policy – an agreement that allows ad hoc groups to produce and share the benefits of an independent production. The directive specifies that it cannot be used by existing theatre companies that hire artists under the other CAEA directives or who are admitted as legal entities. Co-productions with committed individuals who hire other artists under one of Equity`s agreements/guidelines are not permitted. That is, any theatre that normally commissions artists under the CTA or ITA should not co-produce with your company and thus encourage your artists to work for them for profit-sharing instead of the minimum weekly requirement. The idea is that CAEA will present the guidelines for an agreement between artists and producers and expect such an agreement to be in effect before rehearsals begin. PAIEMENTS Festival policy does not define how the benefits should be distributed, so it is preferable to have a written agreement between the members of the collective and to model it on the collective policy of artists (ACP) is often the simplest. An independent producer usually starts using this policy as soon as you decide that you no longer want to ask your artists to work alone for profit sharing. It is best suited to non-traditional work, due to things like location and timing, including for small businesses and collectives with smaller budgets. The agreement is excellent for adapting and creating a treaty on which everyone can agree. This agreement between the parties is the guiding principles of a given production and should address the specific responsibilities of each participant. Responsibilities include: ITA`s financial conditions are not significantly different from those of the CTA.

As a new producer, it is important that you distinguish ITA from other Equity policies for small independent productions. Do not begin using the ITA until determining whether the company is able to assume the financial and administrative responsibilities outlined in this agreement. CAEA and ACTRA entered into a reciprocal agreement which was once that, if you were a ACTRA member practising in Equity`s jurisdiction, you would be obliged to join Equity and vice versa.

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